dimanche, octobre 11, 2009

To President Barack Hussein Obama, Nobel Laureate

Against the tide of critics I would like to simply say:
Congratulations Mr President for your Nobel Peace Prize!

And I must say that, this is one of the few times I agree with a decision of the Nobel Committee.

For sure you have not yet accomplished all what you aimed for. Nevertheless, what is important, is that you already put an end to the atmosphere of lies, hatred, rigging and moral decay in which the USA has indulged into during the last 8 years.

Moreover, you have raised hopes that from now on the USA will
- fight for Justice & Peace.
- try and eliminate social disparities and differences.

My utmost wish is that you never forget the Rights of the Palestinian People.
Imposing a just and durable peace in Palestine wil take you down to History as a
real man of peace.

Otherwise, you will be just another politician; one American butcher more of the likes of your predecessor at the White House.

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