jeudi, novembre 06, 2008

About The look of Michelle Obama...

Que l’on pardonne d’emprunter un autre pont linguistique, celui de Shakespeare pour adresser ce message à qui de droit… En l’occurrence à Michelle Robinson la nouvelle Première Dame des USA. Qu’on ne voit pas une idée frivole dans ce billet d’humeur, mais un prétexte pour contredire l’adage selon lequel « l’habit ne fait pas le moine » – au contraire, en ces temps où l’image vaut mille mots, les apparences se doivent d’être cohérentes avec ce que l’ on prétend être, car on ne juge que par elles
Dear Mrs. Michelle Robinson Barack,

Allow me just a few words…
Please change your dressmaker or the friend who provides advice for your clothes. They don’t love you!! All the dresses you have been wearing for the last months in your public appearances have caricatured your natural beauty. And the peak of bad taste, not to say the slaughter of the image of the Afro American woman and from now on First Lady of the USA, was that horrendous black and red Narciso Rodriguez gown of last Tuesday, the night of Barack’s triumph.
Please ban tight and moulding dresses, ban brown and dark blue colors.
Get away from printed fabrics, flowered patterns and other baroque designs.
I would not tell you to rush to Ralph Lauren just as your predecessors at the White House did, but to go to a dressmaker who really loves women and particularly Afro American women.
Sorry, if I interfere, but I believe that not to do so would rather have been bordering « non assistance to beauty in danger ». Because in your case it is a blow to « black is beautiful » a motto, the pioneers of political and artistic visibility of black Americans, have rendered so famous world wide. A motto that your husband Barack Obama, naturally elegant and charismatic, lifted up to the top.
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Good Luck!!!!!!!!