jeudi, octobre 20, 2016


« The problem with political jokes is that they get elected “   (Henry Cate)

A bitter, even macabre joke! Because Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, means the return of the fatal tandem Bush father and son with their extremist Zionist councilors!
To have chosen both, it seems as a plot!  Look at that Donald Trump giving himself all the ropes to hang itself, so facilitating to Hillary Clinton the realization of his crazy ambition: becoming a first woman president of the USA!

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you bet it was planned that way.” (Franklin Roosevelt) … As Trump, playing the role of the brute,  caricaturing himself  until the nausea, as if he made  it  deliberately…  And the other one, as woman  strengthened by  the sexist, misogynist  fair moron, appears  as the kind of  " Mother dolorosa "  of  the nation, with all the bankers and the media behind her!
  Indeed, the behavior of Trump is so surrealist, that it seems that we face a plot of the Establishment to make elect at all costs Hillary Clinton. Because it is not possible to be so stupid, by antagonizing the blacks, the women and the Muslims of the world ... unless it is the purpose to make Hillary win. What a game of bluff

“My dream is of place and time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth » (Abraham Lincoln )
Poor Abraham Lincoln must be turning over in his grave! Regrettably dear great man, your America lost its soul by getting lost in wars in the name of the safety of Israel, instead of the safety of his own children ... Your beautiful country became the symbol on earth of the fear, the racism and the inequitable deadly wars by supporting executioners  against the victims. We too, who loved the " American way of life " about which you dreamed, and that of the tremendous American youth who raised itself against the war of Vietnam, and our random access memory of J.F.Kennedy supporting the  struggle of the Algerian people for his  national freedom.
So today, in full nightmare Trump-Clinton, - we are like whirling dervishes all around  the earth, scrutinizing the horizon in search of  human being like you,  to restore us America of former days, that of the hope, justice and peace. Too bad for Bernie Sanders, who was the right choice to restore the confidence in the world  to the United States...

Therefore if Hilllary Clinton is elected, she should be grateful to Donald Trump! We can say that he will have brought her the White House on a gold dish .

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